Best Electric Smoker Reviews

ImageNameSmokes food withCooking SpaceShelvesHeating ElementPrice
Char-Broil Vertical Electric SmokerWood Chips and Water505 sq. inch3 x Adjustable1,500 watt
Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load SmokerWood Chips 25 pounds of meatFour250 watt
Bradley Smokers Original Smoker (33.5 x 17.5 x 20.25-Inch)Bisquettes and water572 sq. inchFour RemovableTwo elements Cooking 500 watt and smoker 125 watt

Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top ControllerWood and water730 sq. inchFour Removable800 watt

Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker with Viewing Window and RF Remote Control, 40-InchWood and water975 sq. InchFour Removable1,200 watt

Why Should You Buy an Electric Smoker?

Electric smokers have some outstanding main attractions! One of them is what I call the lazy man term, “set it and forget it!” Why it does not need clearing out of messy ash, no lighting of charcoal and you do not need to check the fuel supply.

All you need is your lounge chair, turn on the smoker, cook your brew, and take a long deserved snooze. You can even use your electric smoker before leaving for work! Place your roast in it and by the time you get home, it will be smoky and tender.

It needs only a couple pieces of wood to give your food the smoky zest it needs. Furthermore, if the smokers insulated well, you can enjoy a great warm winter on your enclosed patio while enjoying a great cooked meal. One of the magical things about the electric smoker is that it outshines most other traditional smokers when it comes to making bacon, cheese, peppers, and sausage.

When you read some of the best electric smoker reviews online, people cannot stop talking about the inferior taste of the food compared to using the charcoal, gas, and pellet ones. When it comes to pork and turkey the taste is, DIVINE, so if you do not have one it’s get out there and buy yourself one. Why you are missing the exceptional flavors, it has to offer when making smoked food.

The other most important thing is you can use the electric smoker anywhere from out on the patio to the indoors of your condominium. Another nice thing is that you have the choice of choosing the temperature to let your food smoke to perfection at a slow pace. Therefore, you have full control of the smoke density on the inside.

So which one should you buy, here I have selected the best electric smokers for you to look at!

The Best of the Best Electric Smoker Reviews

Vertical Electric Smoker

The Char-Broil Electric Smoker

The Char-Broil Electric Smokers available in three different product selections the smoker on its own, the smoker with a cover, or the smoker with added wood chips. With this model, you can smoke different types of food as it has a hefty smoking area. You can use it indoors and outdoors.


Has a large smoking chamber

The Char-Broil has a large smoking chamber and the unit measures 17.5 x 20 x 37.8-inches with a total weight of 49.6 pounds. Included you receive three chrome-plated grates you can adjust to smoke your food evenly. The cooking surface is 505 square inches.

It maintains temperature well

The smoker has an insulated double-wall construction that helps to keep the temperature even. You can use this model with wood chips or water as it has a dedicated pan on the inside. For opening the door, you have a chrome-plated handle and for setting, the temperature there is a lid-mounted temperature gauge. For warming up the wood chips and water, it has a 1,500-watt heating element.


  • The strips and latch could be made better


  • Includes a water and wood pan
  • Has a fitting porcelain pan to collect the ash and also has a grease cup
  • You can check the chips and water with the vertical design
  • Ease of use
  • It does not take long to heat up
  • It maintains the temperature well
  • The temperature dials accurate
  • Make delicious smoked food from pork chops to ribs
  • You can make six large chicken breasts and a pork rib in it at the same time
  • Affordable and you receive a one-year limited warranty

Small Electric Smoker

The Little Chief Front Load Smoker

The Little Chief Front Load Smoker is a model supplied by Smokehouse Products. When you buy this superb smoker, you receive a great deal as it includes chrome plated grills, a fuel pan, a drip pan, instruction booklet, the Smokehouse recipe booklet, and a bag of wood fuel in hickory flavor.


A Front-Loading Smoker

If you live in an apartment this medium, sized front-loading version is superb. It takes up little space and you can smoke any type of food in it with the 250-watt element. It has four grills and great for smoking fish, pork, beef, and poultry. The complete outer side of the smokers made from aluminum and UL, CUL, and CSA listed.

Designed to use outdoors

The heating elements non-adjustable and the element operate at 165° Fahrenheit and designed to use outdoors. The complete unit measures 24.5 x 11.5 x 11.5-inches. Another great thing is that you receive a two-year limited warranty on this product.


  • Minor complaints that it does not cook the meat, this is a cold smoker and not made for cooking meat


  • Has a durable aluminum construction
  • The chrome plated grills slides easily
  • The drip pan is dishwasher safe
  • Has enough ventilation for dehydration to take place
  • Includes a helpful recipe book if you’re new to smoking food
  • The included natural wood chips are a bonus
  • It comes fully assembled
  • It smokes all types of fish superbly
  • Some users have made an insulation blanket for it on the outside
  • Inexpensive


A Large Family Smoker

The Original Smoker by Bradley Smokers

Now if you’re looking for a new alternative to smoking your food look at the larger Original Smoker supplied by Bradley Smokers. You can use this versatile smoker with ease as it has an automatic smoke generator. This is the best electronic smoker that you control electronically and has an excellent insulation that is energy-efficient to use.


Fully Automated

For convenience, the Bradley Smoker Original Smokers fully automated. It has an automated Bisquettes feeder that continuously smokes food for 8-hours without you needing to re-fuel it. The wood feeder loads wood every 20-minute.

Excellent Design

You receive four removable racks and the interior has a space of 520 square inches. The inside of the smokers made with stainless steel and it has a separate oven and smoke burner. With the separate burners, you’re able to use it as a slow cooker or a smoker. The maximum temperature is 250° F. The cooker element puts out 500 watts while the smoker element puts out 125 watts. The measurements for this smoker are 17.5 x 20.25 x 33.5-inches and it weighs 880-ounces.


  • The door seal leaks a bit
  • The chrome comes off after using them for a long time when washed
  • Make sure to buy the Bisquettes as it is not included with your purchase


  • The durable stainless steel interiors superb
  • It has an excellent rack support preventing the racks from tipping
  • The Generator has a side panel that is easy to remove and clean
  • The temperature controls easy to use
  • Can use it cold or hot food smoking
  • You receive four adjustable racks and a recipe book
  • The automated Bisquettes feeder is superb
  • With the water pan available the Bisquettes falls in the water before it can emit chemicals that are dangerous to the environment
  • Easy to set up
  • Included is a two-year limited warranty that is much longer than other available brands on the market
  • Can smoke different types of food from vegetables to meat


A Budget-Friendly Electric Smoker

The MasterBuilt 30-inch Electric Smoker

The MasterBuilt 30-inch Electric Smoker has a digital control panel you can set from 100 to 275° F. The smoker keeps the temperature consistent making sure your foods the way you want it when smoked. One of the standout features is that the control panel has a 24-hour timer that automatically shuts off making sure the foods never overcooked.


A Spacious Interior

For a large family, the unit gives you ample of space to place different types of food, as it is 721 square inches on the inside. For ease of use, it has a side wood chip loader so you do not need to open the door. For spicing up your food, it has a removable water pan you can add your favorite beverage such as juice or vinegar. In addition, you do not have to worry about drips as it has a removable drip tray that catches the drippings that make great gravy.

Made for Outdoor Use

The electric smokers designed to use outdoors and has a stainless steel interior. The control panel has a blue LED display to view easily outdoors and you can control the temperature with it by adjusting it. The design is superb as it has a front control panel. The entire unit measures 20.39 x 19.88 x 33.36-inches and weighs 45 lbs.


  • When used outdoors you need a power outlet close by


  • With the digital panel, you can set it to the right temperature and only concentrate on adding the wood
  • Well insulated
  • Can place up to 30 lbs of meat in it
  • Economical to use as it only uses a little wood
  • Excellent customer service
  • Has a reliable smoking temperature
  • With the front control panel design, it gives you more space on the top for prep work
  • Has a side wood chip loading system so no need of opening the smoker’s door
  • The drip and water pans removable
  • It has a top air damper to help control smoke
  • The drip deflector is awesome as it diverts the drippings away from the wood tray
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean as you can buy replacement parts and most of the included trays you can remove to clean
  • You receive a 90-day limited warranty


Value for Your Money Spent

The MasterBuilt 40-inch Electric Smoker

When buying the MasterBuilt 40-inch Electric Smoker you get value for your money spent. Why as it has a 975 square inch cooking space and back wheels to move the unit around.


What You Get

You get one of the smoothest wood chip loading systems found on the exterior of the smoker. This is superb, as you do not need to open the door to add your wood. You get four cooking racks with an internal light. With the water bowl and the drip catching system placed in the front, it is easier to remove and clean them. You receive a remote control to monitor the temperature, the internal light with an on/off switch. It even has a meat probe included.

The Door Latch is Adjustable

It has an adjustable door latch to help seal the smoker as you can make it tighter. The door is made of glass and the racks are adjustable. It works with a 1,200-watt heating element. The measurements of the smoker are 25.59 x 19.48 x 41.33-inches and weigh 66.80 lbs.


  • You only receive a 90-day limited warranty and they do not offer extended guarantees


  • Can smoke different foods in it up to 100 lbs
  • The meat probe thermometer gives you great results all the time
  • Gives an even smoking temperature
  • The remote controls handy to have
  • The included water & drip pan, wood chip tray, and grease pan is easy to remove and clean
  • The top air damper helps to control the smoke
  • With the adjustable door latch, you can retain the heat with ease
  • Easy to move around with the included wheels
  • Can buy replacement parts
  • Makes excellent food


Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Smoker

Now that you have read the best electric smoker reviews available here – you want to run out and buy yourself one! Wait a little longer and read my list of important things you can look at when buying your smoker!

Type of Smoker

You can buy two different types of electrical smokers one is the Vertical Water Electrical Smoker and another one is the Electric Cabinet Smoker. You may think there are no differences between the two you are so wrong! Let us look at the two different types so that you can make an informative decision when buying one.

The Vertical Water Electrical Smoker

In the Vertical Water Electrical Smoker, you will always find the smoking chamber placed above the burning wood. The smoking chamber and woods separated by a bowl or pan.  In the bowl, you can add water or any type of seasoning from beer to vinegar.

When using water, it helps the harmful chemicals to evaporate caused by the burning wood. This keeps the temperature controlled inside to give you the most succulent smoked food. Another great thing is that the water and smoke blend and penetrates into the food. With meat, this is great as it does not dry out during the smoking and keeps its moisture.

With some of the brands, you even get a drip tray extra that catches the drippings of the food. This is a handy thing to have as you can use the drippings to make delicious gravy. The only downside with using a vertical electric smoker is that it does consume quite a lot of energy to keep the water warm. These smokers are great to use during the summer months.

To solve this problem many of the models available here have temperature control systems to make sure the core does not exceed the limits of safety!

The Electric Cabinet Smoker

With the electric cabinet smoker, you will find that the smokers enclosed on all sides to prevent heat loss. They have a refrigerator design and are much bigger and bulkier. They give you great benefits even if they are not that portable in design.

The electrical cabinet smoker compared to other brands, for example, the gas ones take up less space and last you a decade. They’re durable and perform well and worth spending your hard-earned money on. You normally have a temperature gauge built into the smoker and helps to control the temperature in different ways.

One of the most preferred temperature gauges found in the smoker is the digital display ones. These provide you with all the information you need on how to keep the temperature controlled. They allow you to open the smoker if needed and inform you when it’s the right time to let the heat out. Some models come with built-in temperature control systems.

These mechanisms allow you to set the temperature to heat the meat and once it reaches the temperature, it will not exceed the setting. One thing that is great with these smokers is that you can make different food items simultaneously as it comes with four different adjustable racks.

The best ones are the front loaded smokers as it gives you ample space to place your food. The cabinet smoker has received some of the best electric smoker reviews online and they come highly recommended by clients who have used them for making smoked food.

The Dimensions are Important

Size counts when it comes to buying an electric smoker! You can buy them in different forms and sizes. If you are a small family and have limited space, you can look at the Little Chief Front Load Smoker. On the other hand, if you enjoy entertaining friends and family, it is best to look at the MasterBuilt 40-inch Electric Smoker or The Original Smoker by Bradley Smokers.

These smokers give you enough space to pack it full with different food items. Make sure to check the size before buying, as you do not want to buy a big one if you are not going to be making food in it on a regular basis. One more factor you need to take into consideration is the space at home. I am sure you will find one in our electrical smoker review suitable for your limited or large space.

Ease of Use is Also Important

How user-friendly is your choice when buying your electrical smoker? This is an important question as many of you think it is a tedious task to make smoked food. You are wrong to some extent it is tedious if you choose the wrong model.

The important thing is that you need to have ease of access to your electric smoker and the controls must be easy to use. You need to think of portability, where it is going to stand outside, will you be able to remove the racks, and how easy is it to keep clean.

You can look if it has:

  • Wheels to move around
  • Does it have a digital control
  • Remote control
  • A dial knob
  • Automatic smoke generator
  • Built-in thermometer
  • A 24-hour timer
  • Can you set the temperature
  • How long will it take to get a flame

These are only a few important things you can look at! Best to make sure that you read the available features, pros, and cons to make sure that you buy one suitable for your needs.

The Product Quality

You want to buy an electric smoker that has quality stamped on it. This is important as you will be using your smoker, outdoors and it needs to have the best construction. Make sure to check the design and materials used when buying your smoker as it needs to withstand time and made to last.

If you need a well-insulated smoker theMasterBuilt 30-inch Electrical Smokerhas the best insulation and enough space. It retains heat well, making it more efficient to use and has a powder-coated steel exterior. While the Original Smoker by Bradley Smokers has, a stainless steel design and retains heat well.

How easy is it to keep it Clean?

You want to invest in an electric smoker that is easy to clean. This is in my books one of the important factors as I’m sure you want to buy one that makes your cleaning a breeze. Most of the reviewed electrical smokers here are easy to clean as they provide you:

  • Removable racks some are even dishwasher safe
  • Includes removable drip tray and prevents the unit from getting scattered with oil
  • The Bradley comes with non-stick racks
  • While the MasterBuilt comes with an external side panel to add wood

You can look for these important things when buying your electrical smoker as it will help to make your cleaning a breeze!


Another important thing is the value of your electric smoker. Some people choose the model with the cheapest price. In some cases, this is not always the wisest thing to do! When it comes to the price the different features available and included accessories can make a huge difference.

Some factors that make a price difference are:

  • The materials used to make the product
  • The brand name
  • The warranty they give you
  • The safety features
  • The convenience of the product, for example, does it have wheels, a digital display, and temperature gauges

If the products loaded with some great features such as a digital display, replacement parts available, and you can use it as a slow cooker or smoker – it may be best to spend that little extra, as you will benefit more.

Customer Service & Warranty

The customer service & warranty is one of the most important things to look at when buying your electric smoker. You do not want to buy a product that does not give you the best customer service when you need advice. Sometimes it’s better to have a longer warranty as most appliances always seem to start giving their problems when your warranty ends.

You need to take into consideration that you’re buying online! When requested to send your default product to the manufacturer you need to pay the transport costs. Another great thing to consider is the lengthened warranties supplied from some suppliers. As mentioned a product sometimes only starts showing its faults after your warranties expired. These extended warranties will help you and save you loads of money when in need of product repairs.

How to Clean and Maintain your Electric Smoker

When you buy an electric smoker, you’re making a superb investment, especially if you love smoked food. That is why it’s so important to keep it clean and maintained – but how do you need to clean and maintain your electric smoker? Let me tell you how with some secret tips:

Keep the Interior and Grates Clean

As you’re cooking food on the inside of your electric smoker, there is always grease oozing out of the meat – right! In most cases, the design of the electric smoker allows the fat to dribble of the grates, but some remains stuck to it. Over time, this fat starts forming layers and becomes rotten. Now think what happens this rotten substance goes into your food and your food starts tasting bad.

This you can solve easily by placing the grids in your oven as the temperature in the oven reaches a high degree and burns of the bits on the grate. This leaves you with nice and shiny grates after using some hard work with a scrubber and an organic cleaner to make it completely grease free.

Removing the Rust

No matter how hard to try to keep your smoker free from rust it is still going to rust. Why it’s made of metal and exposed to high temperatures, water, and will rust over time. How to solve the problem all it takes is a wire brush or some sandpaper.

Use it to scrub out the rust that you find presently on your smoker. Make sure to check in the joints, corners, and holes, as this is where the rust is most likely hiding away. After doing this buy some high-quality heat resistant paint to give the smoker a protective layer to keep it rust free.

Keep your Electric Smoker Seasoned

Some of the manufacturers give you an instruction manual showing you how you can keep your smoker seasoned. However, if you do not receive one you can do the following:

  • Coat the inside of the smoker with cooking oil as long as it smells great as the smell will transfer to the food
  • Heat up the smoker to the highest temperature available on it, this is normally around 275° F
  • With the high heat, it spreads the oil into every nook of the smoker making sure it reaches all areas not reached at the factory
  • This layer of oil acts as a barrier, making sure that the air, oxygen, and water do not come in contact with the metal and prevents it from rusting

Other Important Maintenance Aspects

If your electric smoker has a ventilation system make sure it is working properly and make sure that it does not clog. Make sure to clean out the ash accumulating at the bottom of the smoker. Moreover, to make your cleaning simpler line out your drip tray with some tinfoil this is great as you can toss away the tinfoil and wash it out with hot water.

These are important tips to remember and if you follow them, your smoker and accessories should last you a couple years of use.


Not all the electric smokers available are the same. If you’re planning to make your decision on price alone, it could be a big mistake in the end. This could lead to you forfeiting the quality and functionality of the product. Always pay attention to the important things from user-friendliness, the performance when it smokes food, and the material used to construct it.

When choosing your smoker the MasterBuilt 40-inch Electric Smoker is one of the best electric smokers for a good reason. It is easy to use as it has an included meat probe thermometer, remote control, and removable racks and trays. The constructions made from durable material that is easy to clean and it is energy-efficient to use, because of the insulation used in the unit.

Make sure to check out the things you need to consider when buying an electric smoker, as it will help you to make an informative decision when the time comes to buy your own electric smoker. I hope that the provided information as to why you should buy an electric smoker has you all excited to start smoking your own food! Check out some of the great deals I have here on offer and make your own decision – enjoy your new electric smoker and think of me when you’re enjoying your treats!